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Teaching Guide: Actions for protecting the environment

Author: María Angélica García Mora – Description: This plan is mainstreamed with the area of Natural Sciences. The subject is about the Environment. This lesson plan gives different strategies for improving meaningful learning. It contents different activities for obtaining the knowledge and encouraging the participation. It also has assessment strategies that allow knowing the progress of students in learning. The students show acquired knowledge by using the imperative form and vocabulary related to environment, the elaboration of posters about protecting the environment and the participation in the different activities.

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Teaching Guide: Healthy physical routine

Author: Luz Elena Hurtado Giraldo – Description: This plan is useful for teachers because they can use it when the head English teacher is absent, so another teacher can give it to students. It gives teachers an opportunity to assess students` level in a transversal way and make the learning process more attractive.

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Teaching Guide: Taking care of our health

Author: Daniel Alexander Cendales – Description: This task plan focuses on fitness and provides students with a healthy activity (workout) that can be done every class to contribute to the students’ physical care. The activity then raises awareness on the importance of practicing exercises and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Students create a routine by using the correct vocabulary (workout) and grammar (imperatives).

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Teaching Guide: Saving Planet Earth – Dangers of plastic

Author: Diana Escobar Garzón – Description: This plan gives the students the chance to talk about the problems related to environment. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to teach new vocabulary while practicing the four communicative skills involved in a very interesting topic of study: “Saving planet Earth”.

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