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Learning Guide: Holidays

Author: Diana Gómez – Description: This self-study guide in English helps you practice listening and speaking. The exercises of the 2 activities
are related to the topic holiday activities in the book English Please 1 Fast Track, pages 76-77. It starts
with some vocabulary, then you will listen to an audio about holiday and answer some questions about it.
Then, you will analyze some questions related to using wh questions and it ends up with a speaking
activity in which you will interview a partner.

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Learning Guide: Colombia: A natural and cultural paradise

Author: Rocio del Pilar Velasco Beltrán, Judith Cardona Gallego – Description: This English self-study guide will help you to reinforce and improve your English skills to talk
about your experiences with nature, culture and tourism. The chosen activities are related to
practicing the present perfect tense in the book English Please No. 2 Module 8. The first
activity is related to the vocabulary about tourism and nature. Then in activities 2,3 and 4 you
can improve your reading and listening skills, and finally through the fifth activity you will
share a real experience you have had with nature. The main objective of this self guide is
review and practice the present perfect tense.

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Teaching Guide: Living my city

Author: Juan Diego Vanegas Marin – Description: This plan is going to be helpful for those teachers that want their students to keep motivated with English through topics of their interests. The topic “Living the city” pretends to engage the students with topics as simple present, descriptive adjectives, there is/there are and quantifiers based on touristic places and plans they do or they can do in their own city (Medellin).

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