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Teaching Guide: Who am I?

Author: María Benilda Cuesta Mena – Description: This plan is a significant element for teachers from Colombia. It is a plan that permits teachers to guide student’s knowledge, step by step, and provides an essential structure for learning according to students’ level and needs. As for the teacher, the lesson plan allows you to plan and organize what you want to achieve with the students in the classroom coherently. This implies making pre-practice decisions about what will be learned, what will be done and how it can be achieved in the best way.

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Teaching Guide: San Pacho Celebration

Author: Bárbara Liloy de Ferrer – Description: This plan is very useful because it gives you and your students the opportunity to know about Chocoan culture. We as English teachers know that sociolinguistic competence and transversality are fundamental to the integration of the different subject matters. Furthermore, it involves culture. Besides, through this plan you can achieve an effective and productive class to work the four skills by using CATs and assess your students´ level.

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