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Teaching Guide: Hobbies and interests

Author: Yarelis Solano Rolong – Description: This plan gives all English teachers the opportunity to develop the class dynamically, besides it helps to assess students’ level and It can be used to encourage ss to be more conscious of their health. It highlights the importance of practicing sports and living a balanced life.

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Teaching Guide: Be a healthy hero

Author: Maria Doris Arévalo – Description: This plan gives the students a change to know about healthy and positive habits. Also it gives the opportunity to improve your English level though different kind of activities that integrate reading, speaking and writing skills.

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Teaching Guide: We are all different

Author: Luisa Fernanda Tapasco Garay – Description: This plan reinforces the communicative competence in students and also it gives useful vocabulary to talk about events in present and past time, on the other hand it lets to the teacher the opportunity to assess students in a clear and meaningful way.

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