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Teaching Guide: Family

Author: Wendy Xamira Gutierrez Ramírez – Description: This plan can be used to help students use the target language to ask for and provide information regarding their own family. Moreover, it can provide students with basic knowledge to express what activities they carry out with their friends and loved ones. It is a simple lesson plan, however, it is thorough in regards to students being able to interact with their classmates about their families.

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Teaching Guide: My last weekend

Author: Milagros Gomez Romaniz – Description: This plan is appropriate to help ss use the simple past tense in a contextualised way and without being exposed to explicit grammar explanations. It is also contextualised in the urban area of Barranquilla since it mentions the pier, the zoo and some other remarkable places of our city.

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Teaching Guide: My people (people I admire)

Author: Cristian Camilo Moncada García from Armenia

Description: This plan is a useful tool for catching the students’ interest in writing graphic organizers; specifically mind maps about celebrities or family topics. The way this lesson plan is created, gives students the opportunity to learn how to organize ideas properly about people generating impact positively from the individual learning to the collaborative work based on the ZPD theory. In other words, there is a multifunctional purpose in the application of this lesson plan that can be worthy for other subjects and contexts students will face.

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