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Learning Guide: Safe schools

Author: César Augusto Cristancho, Cristiam André Torres Osma, Cruz Marily Rentería García. – Description: This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about safety at the school. All the
activities are connected to the reading in Way to Go 6 Student Book pages 56-57. It starts with
some vocabulary activities. Then, you have to read a text and select if the statements are true
or false according to the text.
Finally, you will write a set of instructions to prevent COVID-19.

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Learning Guide: My Health Care Routine

Author: Fernando Mahecha Triana – Description: Dear students
During the development of this self-study guide we will work on topics such as:
a. Usual routines
b. Words related to frequency
c. Healthy habits
d. Some important verbs to express routines
We will have listening exercises, reading activities and short speaking activities. We’ll use Way to
go! Workbook 6th, module 2, unit 3, pages 25,26, 27.
Finally, you will learn how to create a visual resource using calameo, a website to publish them
(or you can be creative and design your own material)

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Learning Guide: Healthy Eating

Author: Ana del Pilar Moreno – Description: This self-study guide is intended to provide reinforcements to strengthen students’ vocabulary, reading,
and writing to practice describing healthy foods and habits. Therefore, the activities are related to the
topic of personal care habits presented in “Way to Go” Student Book 7 Module 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1. The
activities are related to learning vocabulary about foods and their nutrients, they will also guess the
meaning of some words using the corresponding synonym. Afterwards, a short reading you will find
specific information through scanning reading, you will make inference through the concept questions.
And finally, you will write a paragraph in which you’ll do a health eating’s routine and share with your
teacher and classmates.

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Teaching Guide: Discussing moral

Author: Gloria Cecilia Galvis – Description: This activity plan gives teachers a chance to discuss moral and values in our society with their students and introduce or practice narration in past tense. You can extend to further discussion or even a debate after this activity

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Maria Alejandra Cabrera Tovar – Description: This lesson plan gives the students a chance to recognize themselves as a part of the nature or ecosystem, and it also provides the opportunity to identify or explore nature around the community, with their friends and family members.

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