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Learning Guide: Eco-life

Author: Belkis Amaya, Yurany Rubiano, Jorge Reyes – Description: This self-study guide helps you to practise vocabulary about the environment in written and oral form. All
the activities are related to the topic Human actions and the environment, presented in Way to Go 8
Module 1 Unit 1 lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to fill in some
gaps, then answer will analyze the structure and it ends up with speaking and writing activities.

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Teaching Guide: Environmental problems

Author: Oscar Javier López – Description: This lesson plan was based on the textbook Way to Go 8 allowing teachers to use it as a resource in their classes. On the other hand, it does not dependent on it, as activities are well explained and can be adapted at schools that don’t have it. The lesson is part of the unit 1 and it’s about things people would like to do to reduce the impact of human actions polluting the environment.

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