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Teaching Guide: Daily Activities

Author: Luz Mila Puentes Camargo – Description: This lesson plan gives Ss the opportunity to talk about other people’s daily activities, and it gives them the chance to assess themselves on the use of the language. It can also be a useful and productive lesson to stimulate students’ production.

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Teaching Guide: My Daily routine Habits

Author: Abel Andrés Periñán Morales – Description: This lesson plan gives students the chance to deepen their knowledge about daily routine activities. This planning allows the students to strengthen their autonomy and group work because the suggested activities are Learner Centred. Students will also get a sense of assessment in a relaxed way, which helps them be more aware of how they and their peers learn and how the teacher teaches.

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Teaching Guide: Having fun using comparatives

Author: Martin Mosquera Vivas – Description: This activity plan is very useful if you as a teacher wants to make young learners to explain ideas presented in an oral or written text about topics of interest thot that are familiar though the use of previous knowledge, inferences or interpretations

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Teaching Guide: Making Peace Through Actions

Author: Lina Margarita Hernandez Cuartas – Description: This plan gives the students the opportunity to learn how people contribute to the community through everyday actions. Or perhaps, through their actions they are not able to reach a healthy and sound coexistence. Besides, it may lead Ss to recognize if they carry out good or bad actions that may or may not affect the community and their lives at home.

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