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Learning Guide: What we spend money on

Author: Diana Nataly Parrado Castañeda – Description: This English self-study guide helps you to practice your communicative skills in English language while learning some vocabulary to describe a product and the best way of advertising it. All the activities are related to the topics presented in the English Please Fast Track 2 Module 2 Unit 1 Lesson 3. It starts with a vocabulary activity to help you to identify new words and expressions that you can find in an advert, then it continues with a reading exercise about the different ways of advertising a product. After that, you will develop a listening activity and demonstrate your understanding of the audios by answering some questions. Then, you are going to identify some useful language for designing an advert which is the final writing and speaking task. Finally, you will complete some exercises and answer a self-assessment item to revise your progress.

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Teaching Guide: Conservation

Author: Magda Vasquez Ramirez – Description: This lesson plan gives the students a chance to know more about the biodiversity that Earth has. It also encourages students to take actions, no matter how small are. It includes interactions among Ss and they could share many thoughts as well as practicing about interesting topics.

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Teaching Guide: Family Life

Author: Norma Constanza Silva Cubillos – Description: This plan is useful because it has been designed as a guide that shows step-by-step significant activities that allow students to acquire easy, fun, interesting, motivating and contextualized learnings. It has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Suggested Curriculum Structure and Basic Learning Rights. The purpose is that Colombian teachers can find a model that allows them to improve the preparation and presentation of their classes.

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