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Learning Guide: My classroom

Author: Wendy Johanna Salcedo, Virginia Patricia Buelvas, Arnulfo del Toro Alarcón – Description: This English self-study guide can help you practice vocabulary related to your classroom and the objects inside it. The activities are based on the topic Classroom Description presented in English Please 2 Student Book. The first part has some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to read some texts to comprehend some knowledge about the terms to refer to the description of objects and the distance from you. After that, you will end up making a poster about your classroom describing the different objects and you will have to send a picture of the poster to your teacher.

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Teaching Guide: Taking care of our homes

Author: Miguel Ramírez – Description: This task plan focuses on describing the house. Additionally, it integrates Arts because students use origami to create a paper house. This activity promotes creativity and production skills. Finally, students can find it very meaningful because they will be talking about their houses.

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Teaching Guide: Touristic places

Author: Ricardo Yepes Carmona – Description: This task plan focuses on describing cities around Colombia. It also looks towards raising awareness on the variety of cities Colombia has. T can integrate social studies to make students identify key aspects about Colombia. Finally, this plan incorporates peer assessment techniques that make students provide feedback to other peers.

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