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Learning Guide: Healthy lifestyles

Author: Diego Fernando Cardona Valencia, Luz Adiela Arias Valencia, Fernando Monsalve López, Jhon James Arroyave Guazarabe – Description: This self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary related with healthy lifestyles such as healthy food, quantities, countable and uncountable food, and to ask for quantities of food by using how much/ how many. All the activities are taken and adapted from Module 3, Unit 1, lesson 2, from the textbook English Please! Fast track 1, pages 87, 91 and 92. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. After that, you have to complete some reading exercises with multiple choice option, similar to the ones in Pruebas Saber. Finally, you will design a short survey related to eating habits at the school restaurant.

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Learning Guide: What we eat

Author: Melba Rocio López, Erika Viviana Hernández – Description: Welcome to this guide which includes different skills to reinforce related to the topic of food. At
the same time, a mini-project will be included to enhance your learning. This guide is based on
English Please! Student’s Book 1. Module 3, pages 87,88,94,98

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Learning Guide: Favorite dishes

Author: Juanita Ponce de León, Morlin Córdoba – Description: This self-study guide allows you to practice talking about the different ways in which you can know how we live. The activities you will find here are based on the book English Please! 9th Grade, Module 3, Unit 1, pages 86 – 90. The guide starts with some images where you must fill in spaces with the correct word, then continues with countable and uncountable nouns to complete the sentences with a/an/some/any. After this, there is a reading exercise about different traditional food in our country. And then you will prepare your favorite food with the ingredients you have in your refrigerator and, finally, you will complete some sentences and prepare a video with your favorite food at home.

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Learning Guide: When we eat!

Author: Martin Alonso Gonzales – Description: This Self-study Guide was designed to help you know about vocabulary related to food and drinks, things you like or dislike, countable and uncountable nouns. All the activities are aligned with the English Please student book 9 Module 3 unit 1. This guide starts with some interesting activities about vocabulary revision. Then, you have to revise some grammar tips. Consequently, you need to read, and then answer true or false statements from a reading about special dishes in Colombia. Finally, you are required to write a paragraph about a typical Colombian dish.

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Learning Guide: Food and fruits

Author: Laura Rosso, Tania Maria Camargo, Doris Helena Bravo – Description: This English self-study guide helps you to practice giving clear instructions in a written form all the activities are related to the topic food, fruits, countable and uncountable nouns found in English please book 9, page 87 exercise 6, page 98 exercise and on the website In this guide you will have to look for words into a word search and related vocabulary with pictures, classify food and fruits taking countable and uncountable nouns, change from uncountable and uncountable nouns taking into account the recipient in which food is packed. Besides, read a discontinued text and answer questions from it. Finally, write in English what is your daily menu during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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