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Learning Guide: Healthy and unhealthy habits in your life.

Author: Ángela Mireya Rincón Castro, Carlos Adalberto Maturana Galeano, Shamir Wydeman Cristancho Mosquera – Description: In this self-study guide in English, you will not only have the opportunity to learn vocabulary
about routine activities but also to learn to have healthy habits and to describe about them. Itconsists of four simple activities, (vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading) and a self- assessment, which can be supported from the Way to Go 6, Module 2, Unit 3, page 70.

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Elizabeth Polanco Polo – Description: This activity could help the ELT teachers in rural contexts through increasing the students’ vocabulary. It was designed in a simple but communicative way. The students will have the chance to share ideas in English as well as talking about different vocabulary of their own contexts.

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Teaching Guide: Democracy

Author: Mary Cielo Ossa Antury – Description: This plan is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experience, discipline, creativity when each teacher prepares a new class. Here you must know than all teachers are different and according the place socio-cultural, you do a plan to your students and in it you can use methodology and strategies to motivate your teaching learning. We know that the level is very important; when you look for material for the activities. This lesson plan would help the rural English Teachers for improving the students level

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