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Teaching Guide: Healthy physical routine

Author: Luz Elena Hurtado Giraldo – Description: This plan is useful for teachers because they can use it when the head English teacher is absent, so another teacher can give it to students. It gives teachers an opportunity to assess students` level in a transversal way and make the learning process more attractive.

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Teaching Guide: Places in a town

Author: Gladys Rodriguez Vergara – Description: This plan provides opportunities and activities to mention the main parts of a city and what you can or can’t do there. It is fun and enjoyable opportunity to use L2 inside of the classroom.

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Teaching Guide: Social Media Etiquette

Author: Martha Cecilia Castro Lozada – Description: This plan will provide students relevant ideas and activities related to how they can recognize themselves as digital citizens in today’s globalized world. Moreover, they can identify the norms and behaviours needed to interact properly in the world wide web.

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