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Teaching Guide: Personal Care Habits

Author: Maritza Cáceres Zárate – Description: This lesson plan has been designed for seventh grade students who have A1 level in an urban area away from the city, who come from rural sites with very little knowledge of English language. In this lesson plan you can find step by step activities that will lead students to practice speaking, which they will practice at all times with the pair work. In this plan, the students will learn by themselves, they will be the most important actors in the class and as a teacher I will only be a guide waiting to give feedback when necessary. Finally, with this lesson plan we leave the traditional class and focus on more dynamic activities, which lead students to be motivated with the practice of English. This can be a very useful and productive class if you want to put it into practice with your students.

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Author: Rosa Alicia Garzón Montenegro – Description: This plan is ideal to recycle vocabulary that has already been covered in a previous class. The idea is to help students consolidate language at the end of the unit in a fun and engaging way.

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Teaching Guide: My health care routines

Author: Enith Del Carmen Lambraño Castillo – Description: This plan gives the students the opportunity to learn about healthy habits and personal care routines, it also gives them the chance to interact and exchange information related to habits and routines.

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Teaching Guide: Health

Author: Carolina Lizarazo Gallo – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to learn about their daily activities by having fun, it also gives the teacher the opportunity to assess the students’ progress. It can also be a useful lesson if you have a large class, and you want all the students to participate.

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