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Teaching Guide: The animal kingdom

Author: Johana Suarez Ríos – Description: This plan gives students the opportunity to acquire a lot of vocabulary through a fun and creative way knowing the different kind of abilities. The most important, understanding that everyone has special talents and each person is valuable because of the simple fact that he or she is different from me. It could be useful to develop creative work abilities on students and to detect the best way they work both individually or in groups.

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Lilian Yiced Arango Muñoz – Description: This lesson plan, though intended for 9th graders, can be implemented from 8th to 11th grade since what is challenging for students is not the topic, but the reading strategies they must develop. First of all, according to standardized tests (SABER) inferential reading it is one of the toughest strategies and, in this lesson plan, the teacher does not give the answers but tools for them to improve. Second of all, it provides different ways to assess the learner’s competence. Moreover, it is designed to lower the affective filter and use ICT resources to trigger self-learning and, eventually, transform the students into critical thinkers.

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