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Teaching Guide: Animals

Author: Evelia Guerra Barajas – Description: This lesson plans helps students to make comparison through the topic of animals. They have the opportunity to create a quiz to test their partners’ knowledge.

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Teaching Guide: Let’s See The World

Author: Libia Marina Morales Ortega – Description: I have had the opportunity students through this lesson become aware of English language learning because a globalized word requires it, also I can assess some skills to my students such as: Reading, Listening, Writing.

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Teaching Guide: Personality traits

Author: Alex John Mosquera Angulo – Description: This plan gives to teachers the opportunity to follow in an easy and structured way the step by step in each activity. Students can speak freely about people appearance and traits since it is a familiar topic for them.

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Teaching Guide: Physical description

Author: Ana Yurleivis Robledo – Description: This plan gives the students skills to describe a person physically and also in term of personality traits. It gives them enough vocabulary (adjectives) to defence themselves at the moment of providing a detailed description of any person.

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