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Learning Guide: Daily routines

Author: Paula Andrea Rua Arcila – Description: This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about daily routines and how to describe your daily activities in a written form. All the activities are connected to the Way to Go Student Book 6 Module 1 Unit 2 (page 8). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you have to read a text and work on some activities about it, then you will discover how to talk about your routines in a specific lapse of time. Finally, you will write about your daily activities and when you do them.

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Learning Guide: Around the world (special days)

Author: Heimy Ceballos Muñoz, Yair Berruecos García – Description: This English self-study guide helps you practise giving your opinion in writing form. All the activities are related to the topic Special days, presented in English Please 9. Student Book 1, Module. 2 Unit 3 Lesson 8. It builds on the vocabulary, language analysis and writing tasks done in the. previous worksheet. It asks you to create a poster showing two of the most
popular celebrations in Colombia, you can share it with your classmates.

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