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Teaching Guide: My Superhero

Author: Jonathan Ramos – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to learn about how to use the verb can to express abilities. It is a great way to encourage your students to practice speaking in class throughout a nice topic: famous superheroes. They will have fun talking about the abilities of their favourite superheroes.

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Teaching Guide: A day in a famous person’s life

Author: Alcira Sánchez Arévalo – Description: This lesson plan gives the teacher a chance to integrate the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing by taking the topic: “A day in famous person’s life” as the starting point to help students to ask and answer WH questions.

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Teaching Guide: Touristic places around Pereira

Author: Franklin Gualteros Duque – Description: This project plan gives the students a chance to know about different touristic places from their city by providing information about those places, and it also gives you a chance to promote awareness on the importance of tourism and the protection of the environment. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to assess students and provide them with feedback on different sessions of the lesson plan.

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