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Teaching Guide: Healthy food menu

Author: Olga Yaneth Parra Ramírez – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to know about healthy food and make choices regarding the food they want to eat to be healthy. They can also use their creativity and language skills to design and present a healthy menu to the class.

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Teaching Guide: The weather

Author: Vicky Cantillo González – Description: This lesson plan gives students and teachers the opportunity to verify how the learning process is going and offers chances to learn not only the new language but a meaningful topic (the weather) in a very creative and productive way. Finally, it provides students with enough vocabulary to describe the weather and teachers with a bunch of activities to conduct a meaningful class.

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Teaching Guide: Why do I learn English?

Author: Liliana Paternina Soto – Description: This lesson plan gives the students a chance to increase their metacognitive strategies by reflecting why they need English in their lives. Moreover, it is a meaningful lesson because it makes students embrace a growth of mind-set of consciousness on their own necessities and shows them how English can help them to reach their goals.

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