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Learning Guide: Another day

Author: Didnory Aguirre – Description: This English self-study guide helps you practice understanding about daily routine in a written
form. All the activities are related to the topic of another day presented in Way to Go Student
Book 6 Module 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you
have to answer some questions about the way sentences in English are constructed and end
up reading a paragraph of a person who tells you his/her personal daily routine and there are
some multiple choice questions you have to answer base on the text.

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Teaching Guide: The perfect profession for me!

Author: Lina Patricia Váquiro Rondón – Description: This plan includes activities that promote creative writing based on a model. Additionally, teacher can raise students’ awareness regarding community workers. Finally, Formative Assessment techniques are suggested in different stages of the lesson.

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Teaching Guide: Animals

Author: Evelia Guerra Barajas – Description: This lesson plans helps students to make comparison through the topic of animals. They have the opportunity to create a quiz to test their partners’ knowledge.

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Learning Guide: Music

Author: Ingrid Lizeth Campos, Constanza Barco Suarez, Yurani Paola Osorio – Description: This English self-study guide helps you practice giving comments about your likes and dislikes in written form. All the activities are related to the topic ‘Music’ presented in “English Please 9°” student book, Module 2, unit 6, lesson 6. It starts with some vocabulary about musical genres. Then, you must read a text about likes and dislikes and answer some questions. Finally, you must write a short text about your likes and dislikes in relation to music.

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Learning Guide: Different Lifestyles

Author: Yorlay Andrea Ocampo, Adriana Restrepo, María del Pilar Ríos Vallejo – Description: This self-study guide provides you some clues to get better with the grammar structure of present simple and vocabulary related to different celebrations in other cultures. This guide is based on the book English Please 10° unit 1, module 3, lessons 1 and 2, Where you can increase your reading and writing skills and vocabulary.

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Story 5: Lost in the Desert with Audio

Story 5: Lost in the Desert: In this story, a visitor from another planet gets lost on Earth. Can he find someone to help him before his battery runs out? This story includes the book and the audio. These resources were originally created for English language learners and teachers around the world by the Office of English Language Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S

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Learning Guide: HEALTHY TEENS!

Author: John Jairo Preciado Barrios,José Alexander García Latorre, Claudia Camacho – Description: Are you a healthy teen? With this self-study guide you’ll learn about it and reflect on the ways you are taking care of your body. Today you’ll reinforce both vocabulary related to personal care and healthy lifestyles; also, you’ll train your writing and reading skills through some exercises
based on useful vocabulary about food’s nutritional facts, personal hygiene elements and healthy activities. These activities are taken or adapted from Way to Go Workbook Unit 2 – module 1, lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary exercises and an approach to adverbs of frequency.
Then a literal reading comprehension task. Finally, a writing task, where you must write a short text using the studied vocabulary and the adverbs of frequency.

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Teaching Guide: Lifestyles

Author: Alvaro Villota Villarreal – Description: This plan is designed to provide students a context to practice adverbs of frequency in a meaningful and entertaining way. The idea is to bring them a familiar story so they can relate.

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Learning Guide: From Day to Day

Author: Janeth Lago Romo, Ana Cecilia Moreno, Campo Hugo Barrera – Description: This self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary about time, actions, frequency adverbs, and other expressions. Also, you will describe and write about activities you do every day and enjoy doing a role play and a report about partner’s routine. Besides, you will check the progress with the App Be (the)1:Challenge. Finally, you will assess all your job.

These activities are related to the Book “English Please” 9, Fast track 1, Module 3. Now! Enjoy it learning English!

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Learning Guide: My family

Author: Idalith Abondano Rodríguez, Sandra Milena Guerrero Pulido, Juan Carlos Prieto Bilbao – Description: This English self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary related with family members
and physical appearance using well-structured sentences with the Verb to Be; in addition, this
knowledge will be put into practice in a simple reading, with a specific context. These activities
can be found in the book Way to go 6, Unit 3 Lesson 1, page 32. This will begin with a vocabulary
review activity about family and possessives, then you have to do a short reading handling the
same vocabulary and the grammatical structure of the To Be verb.

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Teaching Guide: I was sick

Author: Erika Insignares Barrios – Description: This plan guides students to find out more about common diseases and communicate the possible ways to prevent or cure them. It also allows teachers to have the students practice present perfect and past simple through different group and individual work activities, while practicing their reading and writing skills.

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Teaching Guide: Colombia a Country of Wonders

Author: Clara Inés Azuero Bernal – Description: This lesson plan gives the students the opportunity to expand structures and vocabulary related to nature: weather, touristic places, food, activities to do, flora, wildlife, culture, advice to protect these places through nice activities in a real context. It can also be useful to promote tourism in Colombia- specially in Huila

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