Learning Guide: My personal care routine

Ricardo Homero Arciniegas Erazo

This English self-study guide helps you recognize and practice some vocabulary and expressions related to personal hygiene habits as well as the present simple tense and the adverbs of frequency. The activities presented in this guide are related to the Way to go student’s book 7, module 1, unit 2, page 27. First, you will find some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you will listen to an audio and answer some questions. Later, you will discover the uses of the present simple tense and the frequency adverbs through some true/false questions, and finally you will design some cards to invite others to have good personal hygiene routines.

Learning objective(s):
 Identify vocabulary about personal care routines.  Recognize the uses of adverbs of frequency in context in the present simple tense.  Design short messages inviting others to have personal care routines.