Learning Guide: Enjoy your free time

Diana del Pilar Barreto Moreno, Carmen Julia Buitrago Escobar, Leidy Milena Camargo Sandoval

This English self-study guide helps you practise vocabulary related to free time activities and express what activities you can do or not during the quarantine. These activities are related to Module 1 // Unit 2// Lesson 2: “Be Smart: Do Exercise!”. You can find it in Way to Go Student Book 7. Firstly, you begin matching some vocabulary with images and slogans. After that, you listen to a friends' conversation talking about their abilities. You could recognize the modal verb CAN. Then, you will complete a chart with the information of the audio. Finally, you have the opportunity to interview some your family members about what activities they can do or can’t do and what they want to learn how to do in time of covid.

Learning objective(s):
To identify free time activities you can or can not do. To practice vocabulary related to free time activities. To recognize how to use the modal verb Can and Can not when talking about free time activities. To give and ask for information about free time activities