Learning Guide: Healthy food choices


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Author: Karol Stephany Bonilla Robles, Faiver Polanía Perdomo, Luz Esther Quinto from Huila and Pitalito

Description: Welcome to your English self-study guide. I am pleased to give you some helpful information and a few tips to complete this guide. You will find that, as an online learner, self-motivation and discipline are really important. All the activities are related to Imperative verbs grammar and the vocabulary related to food and recipes presented in Way to Go 8 student’s book, unit 2 lesson 1 page 63, 64, exercise 1 and 5. It starts with a vocabulary task then you have to complete a chart, some true and false questions and sentence completion.

Learning Objective(s):

● To list some ingredients of typical dishes in my region.
● To identify a recipe for a typical dish.

Source: Public School Teacher